Company Overview

Swiss-based Selexis SA is a serial innovation company with proven technologies for biologic drug discovery and mammalian cell line development.

With Selexis’ break-through technologies, biopharmaceutical companies can significantly reduce the time, effort, and costs associated with developing high-performance mammalian cell lines for the production of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and other recombinant proteins including difficult-to-express proteins.

The development of the Selexis SUREtechnology Platform™ means it is now possible to generate stable and high performing manufacturing cell lines in approximately 3 months with productivity levels around 2-5 g/L; thereby expediting entry into CMO manufacturing while reducing the need for larger bioreactor capacity.

Since 2001, Selexis has been the leader in cell line development innovation. Continuing in this strong scientific tradition, the Company is once again pushing cell line productivity to the next level with the powerful SURE CHO-Mplus Libraries. With the SURE CHO-Mplus Libraries, customers now have an unparalleled solution for the production of difficult-to-express proteins such as plasma proteins, GPCRs and non-natural proteins such as fusion proteins.

Selexis generated cell lines are being used in many programs from drug discovery to late-stage clinical trials.


• Bioproduction (biologics manufacturing)

• Biopharmaceuticals

• Biotechnology

• Cell line development for protein manufacturing

• Cell therapies

• Contract manufacturing

• Clinical research

• Diagnostics

• Pharmaceutical

• Vaccines


• R&D

• Bioproduction

• Preclinical production

• Target discovery

• Cell based assays

• Diagnostics


  • Selexis SUREtechnology Platform™
  • Selexis SURE Cell Line Development™
  • Selexis SURE CHO-Mplus™ Libraries
  • Selexis Genetic Elements™(SGE)
  • Selexis SURE CHO-M Genome™