Scientific innovation and exploration have driven change in the way cancer is viewed from improvement in screening to more personalized targeted treatments.  As the understanding of the mechanisms of cancer has grown, treatment algorithms have become more nuanced, with doctors better able to match therapies to cancer type. These advances have improved survival and the quality of survival.  However, to continue to deliver against this new paradigm and ensure that the potential of current and future innovations is fully realized, certain challenges must be addressed These challenges include, taking advantage of innovations that can screen patients at risk and those that can direct treatment choice; maximizing the efficacy of current treatments through sharing real world experiences and exploring new treatment pathways and driving research into combination therapy; and removing the barriers to access, including addressing approval and reimbursement issues as well as potential treatment shortages.

Panelists will discuss the dramatic scientific innovation taking place and a vision for new paradigms in oncology through continued scientific investigation, use of new technologies and innovative collaborations.



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