Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Boot Camp is an intensive, two-day program that walks you through the necessary steps and gives you the skills to transform technology and invention into a viable company. 

Since its debut in 2005, the Boot Camp has evolved to address a broad range of issues faced by entrepreneurs from the managerial, scientific and academic communities. You will develop the insight and energy required for entrepreneurial success as you learn to:

  • Think strategically in selecting and managing projects.
  • Plan for expeditious and cost-effective management.
  • Understand the requirements of all the involved stakeholders.
  • Oversee the essential components of the commercialization process.


Each year, faculty from the event’s host region bring fresh insights to the program, while a core faculty returns to present material that has proven effective throughout the years.  Historically, this core has included the Boot Camp founder and co-chair, Professor Arthur Boni of the Tepper School of Carnegie Mellon University; Professor Stephen Sammut of the Wharton School and Burrill & Company.

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